Natalie Miller


From Oklahoma, Natalie Miller grew up in a blended multicultural home where her parents instilled strong core values and a belief that life is limitless. Her parents taught her and her siblings that no matter their different nationalities, gender or adoption, they are all equal and have the same opportunities. She wants to expand on her parent's teachings and show that same kindness to everyone! 

She currently wears many hats in life but being a Mentor and Cheerleading Coach are her favorites. With both of these roles Natalie is able to help others reach their full potential and goals. 

Now residing in Atlanta, Natalie has begun to develop a local modeling career. With booking lifestyle campaigns she’s worked for Motorcycle apparel brands, Hair Care products, clothing brands and more. Her featured campaigns have been published in Catalogs, Digitally and Nationally televised. In other creative avenues she is an emcee for the World Championships of Performing Arts competition, music curator and dancer. One of her favorite dance highlights is performing live with Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant, LaLa Ri. She has trained in many genres of dance and is excited to see where dance will take her next. 

Her philanthropy “Do Beautiful Things”, of which began with the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful organization, is something she holds near and dear to her heart. In order to do something truly beautiful, Natalie states that you have to become selfless first. From outdoor community service acts to self care habits, her friends and colleagues utilize the movement to gain peace in chaos.

Natalie enjoys traveling the world and believes life is an adventure that should be lived without what ifs.