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We are truly delighted you are interested in participating. Please read all of the following details and instructions and submit the form below!  


EVENT DATE: September 8-9, 2023
EVENT LOCATION: The New Yorker - Herald Square  - 481 EIGHTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10001

DETAILS:  LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Models will be presenting collections by top fashion designers!

HOST HOTEL INFORMATION: One Metro Queen room $229.00 a night plus tax (Available Thursday, September 7, 2023 - Check Out Sunday, September 10, 2023) Double Room $289.00 a night plus tax (Available Thursday, September 7, 2023 - Check Out Sunday, September 10, 2023)  Limited rooms available, Last day to book: 8/1/2023. Resort fees waived if booked thru link.  Booking link available on or before 5/1/2023  

BACKSTAGE PASS: A backstage pass will be available for purchase at registration. This pass will grant ONE (1) parent/guardian access to fittings, rehearsals and backstage before and immediately after the show. This badge does not grant access to the ballroom. The fee for the badge is $25.00 cash only. 

TICKETS: Tickets go on sales one (1) month before the show. Tickets range from $35-$50. 

IMPORTANT: All applicants will be required to meet strict guidelines. Not all applicants will be accepted. 


Female Only 

Ages 4 and older

No height or size requirement 


This fee includes the following benefits:

- Opportunity to walk for more than one collection

- Priority Registration & Fittings (Skip the Line)

- Early Access to VIP Tickets, All Access Badges, & other exclusive perks including discount off of solo digital billboards

- Complimentary Grab & Go Breakfast (must stay at hotel)

- Headshot featured in Art & Beauty Magazine’s Fall NYFW Special Edition issue

- Two page spread in Art & Beauty Magazine’s Fall MODEL LOOK BOOK

- Model lanyard

Model Application
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All models MUST agree and adhere to the following guidelines: 


- Will be required to meet all deadlines released by Beauty It's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine  

- Will be required to attend ALL scheduled events on Friday - Saturday, September 8-9, 2023. 

- Will be required to submit a high resolution headshot (jpeg format/ at least 300dpi) for promotional purposes by 7/15/2023

- Will be required to sign a model release/liability form & photo release form 


Publicity and Promotion. By virtue of participation in NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Presented by Beauty It's Everywhere, participant agrees to allow's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine, the right to use her name, likeness, voice and/or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion now and in the future. Participant understands that her name, likeness, voice, and/or biographical information may be used on the internet, in print advertising, press releases and merchandise related to the's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine (e.g., t-shirts, tote bags, hats, other apparel, mouse pads, and other promotional materials.) Participant agrees to release Beauty It's Everywhere, Art & Beauty Magazine from liability for any injury resulting from publicity and promotion. Participant agrees to waive any and all compensation for use of her name, likeness, voice, and /or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion. Photography & Videography: Cameras or videography will not be allowed during the event. Individuals who fail to comply with this rule will be asked to leave the venue without benefit of refund for admission ticket. Professional photography and videography will be made available by the the official Photographer and Videographer. Limitation of Liability / Responsibility a.)'s Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine., its officers, directors, agents and employees are not liable to participant for anything whatsoever in connection with this event. b.)'s Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of event sponsors, agencies, or contract vendors (e.g., photographer, videographer, etc.) who may be providing products or services to participant at the event.  c.)'s Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of the host hotel or venue. d.)'s Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for arranging travel or intervening / resolving disputes surrounding travel to the host location for the event. AGREEMENT.  By submitting the form and fee  to's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine leading to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Presented by Beauty It's Everywhere participant is aware that there are no refunds and all sales are finals. Participant agrees to abide by all policies set forth by Beauty It's Everywhere.  Participant attests that all information submitted to , is true and accurate. Falsification of information and failure to comply with the policies of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Presented by Beauty It's Everywhere, may result in immediate removal from event without benefit of refund. 

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Thank you for submitting your payment and application! We will get back to your shortly. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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