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EVENT: New York Fashion Week 2.0 SEASON 9
EVENT DATE: Saturday, February  12, 2021 - Indigo Lower East Side

FITTINGS DATE: Friday, February  13, 2021   

SPECIAL EVENT/SHOW:  Friday, February 13, 2021 - 8PM


1. Name 
2. Company Name 
3. Contact Phone 
4. Contact Email 
5. Company Bio 
6. How many pieces (minimum 12) 
7. Is this a kids/teens, women’s, men’s or plus size collection 
8. Sizes (please be accurate as possible) 
9. Will you be supplying your own music? 

All designers are required to attend a fitting on Friday, September 6th at the Marriott Downtown. Failure to attend the fitting will result in removal from fashion show. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE THE FITTINGS ON FEBRUARY 12TH! 


Option 1 - FREE. We provide everything from stage production, models, production team, videographer, photographer and press/media. You may showcase up to 15 pieces unless your collection is mixes one or more categories (example women & kids/teens). 


Option 2 - Mini Show. The only difference between Option 1 and Option 2 is you get to supply your own models. The show will take place within a group of shows with no more than 3 designers per block. The fee is $525.00 for up to 15 models. 


Option 3 - Your Own Show. The fee is $2500.00. You will get 90 minutes of production time. This includes load in and load out. You supply your own wardrobe, models and H/MU team. This is basically a space rental fee. This is a great affordable option for designers who want to produce their own show and not worry about extreme production costs. 

Each designer will be allowed to bring up to two (2) assistants with them to assist with fittings on Friday and the show on Saturday. No more than two (2) people will be allowed backstage or in the dressing or staging areas. NO GUYS ARE ALLOWED IN DRESSING AREAS! 


Complimentary Tickets 
Each designer will receive a set amount of complimentary tickets to their show. These tickets are for members of the fashion industry and not for personal use. Members of the fashion industry include: press, media, bloggers, store owners etc. The deadline to submit your list is February 1st. 


Photographer/ Videographer 
Beauty...it’s Everywhere will supply an official Photographer and Videographer. Each designer will receive a link to the video and 1-5 complimentary photos of their collection. Designers may also purchase the official photos (entire collection) from our official Photographer. 


All designers are required use our Official Hair & MakeUp Team

All designers have the option to provide music for their collection. Music should be in an mp3 format and placed on a clearly labeled USB flash drive. Music will be collected at the fittings. 


Designers  make their own travel arrangements. Beauty..it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for arranging travel or intervening / resolving disputes involving travel to the host site for the event.


Designers are not required to stay at the host hotel. Designers and their families must make their own hotel reservations. Host hotel including discount code  information will be released on December 1st. 


Final Schedule 
The final schedule will be sent via email no later than January 1st. Designers should plan on arriving to the hotel by 2pm on Friday, February 12th. 


IMPORTANT:  If a designer fails to showcase their collection during NYFW 2.0 for any reason designer shall be required to pay Beauty...it’s Everywhere/ Art & Beauty Magazine the sum of $500.00 payable immediately. 

Designer Application
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Will you be supplying your own music and/or video?

Publicity and Promotion. By virtue of participation in New York Fashion Week 2.0, participant agrees to allow Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine, the right to use her name, likeness, voice and/or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion now and in the future. Participant understands that her name, likeness, voice, and/or biographical information may be used on the internet, in print advertising, press releases and merchandise related to the Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine (e.g., t-shirts, tote bags, hats, other apparel, mouse pads, and other promotional materials.) Participant agrees to release Beauty...it's Everywhere, Art & Beauty Magazine and PURESK  from liability for any injury resulting from publicity and promotion. Participant agrees to waive any and all compensation for use of her name, likeness, voice, and /or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion. Photography & Videography: Professional cameras or videography will not be allowed during the event. Individuals who fail to comply with this rule will be asked to leave the venue without benefit of refund for admission ticket. Professional photography and videography will be made available by the the official Photographer and Videographer. Limitation of Liability / Responsibility a.) Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine., its officers, directors, agents and employees are not liable to participant for anything whatsoever in connection with this event. b.) Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of event sponsors, agencies, or contract vendors (e.g., photographer, videographer, etc.) who may be providing products or services to participant at the event.  c.) Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of the host hotel or venue. d.) Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for arranging travel or intervening / resolving disputes surrounding travel to the host location for the event. AGREEMENT.  By submitting the form  to Beauty...it's Everywhere/Art & Beauty Magazine leading to New York Fashion Week 2.0, participant agrees to abide by all policies set forth by New York Fashion Week 2.0.  Participant attests that all information submitted to , is true and accurate. Falsification of information and failure to comply with the policies of New York Fashion Week 2.0, may result in immediate removal from event without benefit of refund

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