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Cassidy Carpenter

USA Swim Week Model


Cassidy Carpenter, a 19-year-old model from South Florida, with a remarkable four-year journey in the modeling industry. With an extensive portfolio, she has graced the runways of multiple Miami Swim Week shows and collaborated with over 10 different swimwear companies, showcasing her versatility in both photo shoots and live fashion events. Currently a sophomore in college, Cassidy is pursuing a degree in fashion and digital marketing, blending her passion for style with a keen understanding of the evolving digital landscape.

In the past year, Cassidy seized the opportunity to intern at "Beauty It's Everywhere," gaining invaluable insights into the beauty industry and contributing as a dedicated staff member behind the scenes. Her multifaceted interests extend beyond the glamour of modeling and beauty, as she harbors a profound love for traveling. Driven by an insatiable curiosity about life beyond the ordinary, Cassidy has explored diverse cultures and experiences.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Cassidy's history as a cheerleader for a decade reflects her commitment to discipline and teamwork. Having embraced a leadership role during her cheerleading tenure, she brings a unique blend of skills to her academic and professional endeavors. Cassidy Carpenter continues to carve her path in the world of fashion, digital marketing, and beyond, embodying a vibrant spirit of exploration and achievement.

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