The 2022 WORLD TOP MODEL WINNER will receive over $5,000 in cash & prizes

She will receive a cash prize of $3,000.00

- $500.00 upon winning 

- $1,250.00 (broken down into 5 special appearance bookings at $250.00 each)

- $750.00 ( broken down into a 6 monthly payments of $125.00 each)

- $500.00 at step down

She will receive the Official WORLD TOP MODEL crown for regalia purpose only

She will receive the Official WORLD TOP MODEL gold medal

She will receive the Official rhinestoned sash

She will receive the Official WORLD TOP MODEL crown pin 

She will receive a floral arrangement 

She will receive a necklace & earrings set

She will receive a custom engraved award as the winner of the competition. 

She will be featured on the cover of Art & Beauty Magazine

She will be featured on a minimum of one digital billboards in Times Square during NYFW

She will be the FACE of Belle Epoque Swimwear where she will have a custom suit named after her and be featured on an international campaign, website and Times Square Billboard. 

She will receive a $250 stipend toward her first Photography sitting fees. 

She will receive a makeup kit from Shany Cosmetics

She will receive a trip to New York City including hotel accommodations, two tickets to a Broadway show * 

She will receive official business cards to use as WORLD TOP MODEL WINNER

She will receive official autograph cards to use at appearances as the WORLD TOP MODEL WINNER. 

Her reign will be featured on the Beauty It's Everywhere website.

She will receive shared hotel accommodations, meals and ground transportation to the 2022 USA TOP MODEL COMPETITION in New York City and be a featured model during NYFW (September 2022)

She will be featured on the cover of the souvenir program book  of the 2023 WORLD TOP MODEL COMPETITION (February 2023) and receive a complimentary copy

 TOP 2 finalists will receive (2nd & 3rd place)

A cash prize

A custom award

A custom medal 

A floral arrangement

She will receive a makeup kit from Shany Cosmetics

Swag Bag

TOP 5 semi-finalists will receive (4th & 5th place)

custom award

She will receive a pair of earrings 

Category award winners will receive the following...

A custom award

This prize list is subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the sponsors to fill their offered awards. WORLD TOP MODEL COMPETITION assumes no responsibility for the sponsor to fulfill their commitments. Prizes listed are not redeemable for cash. If the titleholder wishes not to take advantage of the awards provided by the Sponsor or WORLD TOP MODEL COMPETITION he will forfeit that prize or award.

*Subject to terms & conditions

***Overall Titleholder is only eligible for the prizes listed if she makes her 24 required appearances during the length of his reign.***