AGE DIVISIONS - Age as of September 1, 2021

No height or size requirements

Kids 4 thru 12 

Teen 13 thru 17 

Miss 18 thru 29

Ms. 30 thru 39 

Elite 40 thru 49 

Classic 50 and over








  • No contestant or any member of their immediate family can be employed by or work as a volunteer for Beauty It's Everywhere, Art & Beauty Magazine, or any of its subsidiaries. (If contestant or any member of their immediate family is employed by any of the foregoing or any firm or corporation controlled or  affiliated with any of them, then they must notify the state/national director immediately, in writing, so that their eligibility may be determined.

  • Must be willing to release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against Beauty it's Everywhere, Art & Beauty Magazine Its parent and affiliated or related companies and their respective officers, partners, employees, agents and assigns,  or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and/or biography in connection, including use in promotional and advertising material.

  • Must understand and agree that all issues as to eligibility shall be determined by Beauty...It's Everywhere/ Art & Beauty Magazine, and they must agree to abide by that determination both as to themselves and other applicants.