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Afri Modiste -  A couture fashion line owned and designed by New Orleans native Renee Johnson. Established in 2018, the goal of Afri Modiste is to design ladies evening wear that combines culture with couture. Inspired by New Orleans debutante culture, Afri Modiste creates garments that pay homage to the past, while creating for the future.

Amelia Batres - My fashion embodies color, comfort and uniqueness from Original Fashion, Refashion, and Adaptive Clothing. I also make jewelry.

Blaque Barbie Boutique - We are a woman minority owned company that specializes in unique clothing pieces based out of Oklahoma We are building a complete fashion industry for those interested in training and growing in the modeling industry.

Estella Couture -  An Ethnic, Exotic and Ethical fashion house, established in 2005, with several collections and awards. We have won several awards across the globe and showcased on runways globally. . We design for Men, Women, Kids, pets and also create themed and scripted costumes and garments for movies, theaters and productions.

bemade - s a pageant-facing fashion brand that couples classic silhouettes and style, with bold color and expressive features. Rooted in the belief that representation matters, bemade strives to celebrate the beauty and pageantry of diverse skin tones, abilities, and body types. A bemade garment transforms an empty room into a runway!

bemade is the creative outlet of designer Sean Bellamy, who draws inspiration from a vivid tapestry observed during his childhood, in his family, and through cultural experiences. In 2011, bemade launched the ‘be nude’ shoe line of nude footwear for the hues and tones in the rich color palette of diverse women. With bemade, Sean celebrates someone who has left an indelible mark on his existence. Beginning with “The Rosa,” the first “benude” shoe in the line and named in recognition of Sean’s maternal grandmother, the brand maintains a practice of titling each piece in honor of ordinary and stunning women who lead extraordinary lives.

be elegant anywhere; be an icon everywhere; bestyled in bemade by B!

Infinity Gods - The Infinity Gods star logo is a compilation of three different symbols of spiritual expression. The six point star popularly known as the Merkaba or star of David represents the beginning of our spiritual evolution, our Genesis from spiritual to physical. The Cross represents the Christ consciousness of spirit in body, God having a human experience. The infinity sign represents a sense of simplicity and balance between your spiritual self and your physical self, It reminds us to be conscious of who we are and the endless possibilities we have

Jennifer Zhang - Jennifer Zhang 張羽琪 is a five-time pageant winner, fashion designer, award-winning musician, and social media influencer. Some of her crowns include Miss Friendship Ambassador of Chicago 2015, Miss China International 2017, and her most recent win as your Brilliant Miss World 2020. In addition to being a singer, pianist, and composer, Jennifer plays more than ten different Chinese instruments, most notably, dizi and xiao. In addition, Jennifer has received numerous awards in music and performing arts, for instance, Best Asian Entertainer by 2021 Chicago Music Awards, first prize by 2018 Chinese Songwriter Contest in the US, and Best Music Video Award by 2019 US-China Film Festival. Having illuminated the stages at more than 500 notable venues around the world, Jennifer has showcased her musical talents in front of many leaders of our generation, such as former President of the US Barack Obama, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Anna Wintour, and Cindy Crawford. With a loyal following on multiple social media platforms, her original songs including: "Flying High", "On the Throne" and "Foam of the Ocean”, received millions of views and critical acclaim from the international press. Jennifer's musical journey and world-traveling experience gave her lots of inspiration for her fashion, and she loves combining elements of East and West in her design. Her fashion has been showcased at many world-class events and she represented lots of well-known brands such as Google, Apple, United Airlines, Ferarri, Meijer, Ecolab, Brita, and Uniqlo. She was chosen as the tourism ambassador for the State of Florida and starred in the Visit Florida video series in 2018. Jennifer will also serve as the Global Ambassador of Louis Klein during the New York Fashion Week 2023.

Jennifer's involvement in numerous social and charitable causes has also won her a number of awards, such as 2020 Global Clean Environment Award by Action for Clean Environment, 2019 Excellent Community Service Award by Association of Chinese-American Scientists and Engineers, 2017 Exemplary Community Service Award by Asian American Coalition of Chicago, and 2015 Chicago Emerging Leader Honoree by Mandarin Leader Magazine. Jennifer graduated from Northwestern University with advanced studies at Berklee College of Music and China's Central Conservatory of Music. For more information, please visit and follow her on Instagram:

On the Go with Princess O LLC -  Explore our trendy boutique of fine apparel, accessories handpicked along with originally designed by Princess O My name is Tara Zink, I am the co-owner of On The Go with Princess O, LLC. along with my business partner Kara St. Denis. We are a small women owned business located in Burlington, Connecticut. We represent 8 year old America’s Little Miss Olivia Mae Zink, who is also my daughter. At 6 months old Olivia Mae nicknamed Princess O, held her first pageant title as Little Miss Northeast America 2014-2015. In March 2016, On The Go with Princess O started a Instagram social media account @onthegowithprincesso. This account posted about Olivia as she embarked her journey into the pageantry and modeling industry. On The Go with Princess O, LLC established in 2017, when a small dream became a reality. Our boutiques fashion is not only inspired by but some of the items are originally designed by Olivia. The For A Cause Original Design Collection has two organizations that are near and dear to Olivia’s heart. She has designed clothing along with different merchandise and paired with the Non Profit Organization, World Wildlife Foundation to spread awareness about endangered Sea Turtles, “Save the Sea Turtles Mission”. She has also paired with The Crayon Initiative which is a Nonprofit Organization from her original designed T-shirts “Save the Planet” and “Be Yourself”. Sales from these t-shirts help with the purchase / cost to ship the used and unwanted crayons she collects throughout the school year. These crayons are collected, shipped to The Crayon Initiative, melted down, made into new crayons and shipped to various children hospitals across the country for children that are ill. Although she is only 8 years old, she is determined to make the world see through the eyes of a child. Olivia loves to bring a smile to peoples faces wherever her crown takes her from local to worldwide events. Olivia believes in helping others because it's #morethanacrown #thetravelingcrown We would like to have On The Go with Princess O, LLC participate along with our designer Olivia Mae Zink in your NYFW Presented by Beauty Is Everywhere September 9-10 2022 show. Olivia has a look she would like to present in the Beauty Is Everywhere show in September known as “Street Style Fashion” original collection by Olivia Mae. Olivia has been participating as a kid model in Beauty Is Everywhere since 2018. She was the youngest kid model at the age of 3 years old in the New York Fashion Week 2.0 presented by Arts & Beauty Magazine, February 2018. She has been a kid model since 2018 - September 2021 showcasing various designers clothing on the runway. This year she hopes to showcase her own fashion line as a kid designer. We hope that you will consider a small women owned business and a 8 year old little girl with a passion to change the world. Please view our website and see not only the products but the story behind it all

Peculiar Princess Parlour -  Is a newly launched boutique which includes all styles of fashion, geared towards styling the everyday individual with a peculiar purpose!

Regina's Couture - Designer Alicia Monje’s love for designing trails back to her family’s four generations of dress making. Monje took on the job as a designer when she decided to enter her daughter in a pageant. She knew she wanted to design a one of a kind dress for her daughter’s first competition. Since then, she has been designing clothing for pageants, weddings, quinceañeras, mommy and daughter, birthday’s and so much more! In the last year her clothing line has been showcased in New York Fashion Week, Florida Fashion week, Paris Fashion week and her dresses have even traveled across the world! She has been nominated as Gown Designer of the Year among other well known brands such as Sherri Hill and Jovani. Her designs have won numerous awards such as Best in Fashion, Best in Interview and Best in Evening Wear at local, City, State, National and International pageants! 

Ronica Marie Couture - was founded, February 2015, for women in search of evening gowns, swimsuits, competition costume, prom, and cocktail attire. RMC is a clothing line for women to feel chic, classy, strong and confident. It's a brand where we make custom designs for women that want a unique style. Ronica Marie Couture has designed for music artists, prom, state title holders and international title holders. Ronica started as a self taught fashion designer and has grown within the past few years.

Su Joing's Boutique -  Is a moderate clothing boutique for ladies who love fair prices, quality, functionality, and comfort! She carries boutique brands such as Judy Blue, White Birch, Zenana, Sew In Love, Cello, Heimish USA, Davi & Dani, and Cajubrasil. Su Joing Sollers is the 100% Managing Member of Sujoing’s Boutique, LLC, a veteran-owned boutique in Jessup, Maryland. She's a wife and mom of 2 beautiful girls: India, age 13, and Ava, age 10. Su Joing is a pageant winner and has represented multiple titles, most notably Miss Nebraska USA 2001, where she was a contestant in the annual televised Miss USA Pageant. She is a fitness enthusiast and a bikini competitor and earned her Master’s Bikini Pro Card from OCB in 2000. Sue is currently Mrs. Maryland Classique Globe 2023 and will compete at the Mrs. U.S. Classique Pageant in California in June 2023.

Taylor'd Treasures - Up cycled sustainable fashion! 

That's My Dress Our goal is to put the "FUN" in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day  better; that's why we're committed to being your source for the newest trends. With Award Winning Designers, Johnathan Kayne, Sherri Hill, Ashley Lauren, Jovana, Ellie Wilde and many more! That's My Dress a Classic place to find your Sweet Sixteen, Mothers and Formal Gowns. 

The Beccas - Was founded in 2020 as way to provide women with pop culture items that were subtle & aesthetically pleasing. As we’ve grown, we’ve branched out, incorporating various trends and topics. Today’s items are inspired by political decisions being made in the United States, and the way they’ve been received by women across the country.

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