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The judges will represent a diverse range of occupations. Judges could be actors, models, casting

agents, journalists, former titleholders, pageant professionals, doctors, lawyers, entertainers,

entrepreneurs, counselors, fashion designers, hair and make-up professionals, fitness trainers, and

even stay-at-home moms. The common bond they all share is that they are successful in their own

right and they understand the importance of good communication skills, self-discipline & public image.



A healthy well-maintained physique. A warm, genuine, compassionate personality. World awareness and the desire to make a difference. A confident, self-assured individual who is comfortable with herself and her surroundings. An intelligent and articulate

young woman who can serve as a good role model for her peers. A leader, a winner and a potential

2024 WORLD TOP MODEL Overall Winner. The judges are not looking for the best contestant in one area of competition, but rather an individual who is an overall strong candidate for the job.


The 2024 WORLD TOP MODEL COMPETITION  is a professional modeling competition in the world. 
The organizers are noted for emphasizing the importance of charity work now a major part of the competition at state level and national finals. During her reign,
2024 WORLD TOP MODEL COMPETITION will promote a variety of charities including Autism Speaks and make appearance across the world/country during her year of service. 



Part 1 Live Headshot  - All contestants will participate in a LIVE HEADSHOT. Modeling polaroids or digitals allow clients and agencies to see what a model looks like naturally. These un-retouched images are the standard for the modeling industry and a signed model will typically update their digitals every few months, or if there are major changes to their look. The images are taken quite quickly and in simple lighting, without any retouching using a white or natural background. Makeup should be minimal and models should refrain from wearing any type of jewelry. 5 photos will be taken and the shoot will be timed. Required Attire: Black solid tank and jeans (any style). 


Part 2 On Location Shoot - All contestants will participate in a LIVE On Location Shoot in Manhattan. Location shooting is the shooting of a film, television or ad campaign. The shot is done in a real-world setting rather than a sound stage or photo studio. The model will be faced with a variety of elements including but not limited to unpredictable weather conditions, people and loud noises. The goal of this shoot is to help sell or brand a product or service, The photo will be used for print ads, commercials, or other forms of advertising. TIME IS MONEY! It is up to the model to be able to listen and take direction and nail the shoot within the allotted time. Makeup & Hair should be high glam THINK Dolce, Gucci & Chanel. Required Attire: One full length gown of choosing. 

Part 3 Photogenic - The photogenic category is a required area of competition. All photos MUST be turned in at check-in and may be picked up prior to the start of the competition. NO EXCEPTIONS! Photos should be no smaller than 8 x 10 inches and no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches.


All contestants will participate in a GO-SEE. Clients and photographers hold a go-see to get to know models for future projects. This usually involves inviting the models to meet, either at the client or photographer's studio, or at the model agency, and going through their book to see their work, and seeing the model walking as they would walk on a catwalk. Models will be split into groups and travel via public subway. They will have a total of 90 minutes to complete two appointments with prospective clients. Models should keep in mind that this is a model interview and should take this into strong consideration when choosing the proper attire to wear. Required: model card and book/additional images. 



All contestants will participate in the SPOKESMODEL competition. A spokesmodel is a person who speaks as the representative of another or others often in a professional capacity. Spokesmodels are also referred to as Brand Ambassadors, Endorser and an Interviewee. You will have ninety (90) seconds to deliver a presentation on a topic of your choice. Once the 90 seconds has concluded you will be asked questions in regards to your topic. 


All contestants will participate in the state costume competition. Contestants will bring a Victoria's Secret inspired state costume that they will wear during opening number.


All contestants will participate in the swimwear competition. Contestants are to bring a black swimsuits, one piece or two piece, that has no embellishments. If selected for top 10, they will wear a swimsuits by our swimsuits sponsor. 


Part 1 - The Fashion Show - All contestants will participate in a LIVE fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Each model will be paired with a designer based on the measurements submitted during their application process. Models will be required to work in a fast paced environment and "make it work" conditions. The object is to sell the product and nail the shot. 

Part 2 Runway Wear Competition - During the Runway Wear competition, each contestant will wear an outfit of her own choosing and model it for the judges and audience. Judges will consider her poise, confidence, and the manner in which she carries herself, her sense of fashion and style, outfit selection and her stage presence. Outfits should not be something that you would find in an average mall or department store. Contestants should avoid evening gowns/ evening wear and should not be a costume. Hint: THINK HIGH FASHION & DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE CREATIVE. Note: No description cards will be read during this category.


Part 3 Red Carpet Wear Competition - During the Red-Carpet Wear competition the attention is again focused on her beauty of face, but also on her overall appearance. They will consider her poise, elegance, confidence, and the manner in which she carries herself, her sense of fashion and style, and her overall stage presence. They will be looking for the qualities that she is able to radiate as she walks across down the runway in her chosen outfit. Hint: THINK HIGH FASHION & RED-CARPET AWARDS SUCH AS THE ACADEMY AWARDS, GOLDEN GLOBES, MTV MUSIC AWARDS, CFDA AWARDS ETC. Note: You do not have to wear an evening gown/ wear for this category.

Final Look (Top 5 only) - One final on-stage question for the remaining Top-3 will be conducted by the Emcee. They will then appear on stage for group judging and have a spotlighted “Final Look” when each judge will independently select their gold, silver and bronze medalist. These events lead up to the announcement of the new WORLD/USA TOP MODEL Overall Winners!














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