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The judges will represent a diverse range of occupations. Judges could be actors, models, casting

agents, journalists, former titleholders, pageant professionals, doctors, lawyers, entertainers,

entrepreneurs, counselors, fashion designers, hair and make-up professionals, fitness trainers, and

even stay-at-home moms. The common bond they all share is that they are successful in their own

right and they understand the importance of good communication skills, self-discipline & public image.



A healthy well-maintained physique. A warm, genuine, compassionate personality. World awareness and the desire to make a difference. A confident, self-assured individual who is comfortable with herself and her surroundings. An intelligent and articulate

young woman who can serve as a good role model for her peers. A leader, a winner and a potential

USA TOP MODEL® titleholder. The judges are not looking for the best contestant in one area of competition, but rather an individual who is an overall strong candidate for the title.


The USA TOP MODEL COMPETITION  is a professional modeling competition in the United States. 
The organizers are noted for emphasizing the importance of charity work now a major part of the competition at state level and national finals. During her reign, USA TOP MODEL COMPETITION will promote a variety of charities including Pop's World Foundation and make appearance across the country during her reign. 

GO-SEE Presentation - 30% During the GO-SEE competition, the judges’ attention is on the

contestant’s overall presentation including outfit choice, hair/makeup, walk and their ability to talk on the microphone. 

Required Wardrobe: black/white solid top (should be form fitting), black/blue jeans (skinny jeans and/or

leggings/ tights are preferred) and age appropriate nude heels. 

RUNWAY WEAR COMPETITION - 30%: Each contestant will model and outfit of her own choosing. It must be age appropriate and it should portray the contestant's personal sense of style and fashion. It can be as simple or ornate as you would like. Choose and outfit that you would see during NYFW, walking down Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive, or on the runways of Paris or Milan. Do be afraid to be creative! 


RED CARPET WEAR COMPETITION - 30%: During Red Carpet competition Wear the attention is focused on your overall 

appearance. They will consider her poise, confidence, and the manner in which she carries herself, her 

sense of fashion and style, and her stage presence. They will be looking for the qualities that she is able

to radiate as she walks down the runway in her outfit of choice. Think Oscars, Tony Awards, Movie Premiere, or a Launch Party. Contestants are not required to wear a gown and may choose to wear an outfit that reflects their own personal style. Don't be afraid to be creative! 


FINAL LOOK (TOP 5 ONLY)  - 10% The Top-5 will appear on stage for group judging and have a​

spotlighted “Final Look” when each judge will independently select their winner, 1st runner-up, and 2nd

runner-up. These events lead up to the crowning of the new USA TOP MODEL winner! All participates should remain on stage as several times during the show. Even if they are not selected as Finalists, there will be

several other awards will be awarded including age division winners. 


PHOTOGENIC COMPETITION -  The photogenic competition is open to unlimited entries. Each photo is its own entry and has an entry fee for each photo. Photos should be no smaller than 8x10 and no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches. One overall winner! 
SPOKESMODEL COMPETITION - The spokesmodel competition  is limited to one entry. USA TOP MODEL  will soon become spokesmodels for Beauty It's Everywhere & Art & Beauty Magazine. Delegates must deliver  a speech of no longer than 60 seconds on a topic of their choice. This competition is limited to the first 15 delegates to enter. One overall winner! 
PHOTO SHOOT COMPETITION - The photo shoot competition is limited to one entry. This competition is limited to the first 15 delegates to enter. The photo shoot attire is outfit of choice.  One Overall Winner!