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There are 12 medal events in the World Team Pageant Championships: team competition, individual all-around, 4 main component finals and 6 optional competitions.

The main components are listed below:

- Panel Interview 25%

- Team Costume 25%

- Fun Fashion 25%

- Evening Wear 25%

The optional competitions are listed below:

- Photogenic

- Talent

- Casual Wear

- Active Wear 

- Runway Wear 


Twelve (12) Junior teams, Twelve (12) Senior teams, and Twelve (12) Mixed teams (with a maximum of five (5) delegates per team) compete in the World Team Pageant Championships. 

There are three phases of World Team Pageant Championships

- Team Finals

- Individual all-around finals

- Event finals 

Every delegate is required to compete in the Team Finals. During the Team Finals each team must select one delegate to compete in each main component.  If the assigned delegate is unable to participate, the alternate delegate will participate instead. A team roster must be submitted in advance.The competitor order will be random and selected at registration.  

Delegates must compete in all four (4) components to be in contingent to qualify for the individual all-around final via their cumulative score.  Otherwise, they will only be in contingent to make individual event finals and/or team finals.


Olympic style scoring will be used to judge all events. Olympic scoring is as follows: A separate panel of 3 judges will be assigned to score each main component and each optional competition. A separate panel of 5 judges will be assigned to used the individual all-around competition. 

Reasonable efforts are made to secure a culturally and professionally diverse panel of judges. Judges names are not released to delegates prior to arrival at the competition. Delegates may not approach the judges or engage in conversation with judges prior to or during the competition. Judges are provided with training and instruction regarding scoring procedures prior to the competition. The decision of the judges is final and not contestable for any reason. 

Scoring Breakdown 

9-10 Excellent

7-8 Very Good

5-6 Good

3-4 Average

1-2 Below Average

Team Divisions

Junior Team- Delegates must be female and at least seven (7) years of age to fourteen (14) as of May 27, 2021

Senior Team- Delegates must be female and at least fifteen (15) years of age as of May 27, 2021

Mixed Team- Delegates may be any gender and at least seven (7) years of age as of May 27, 2021.


Team Fee: $495.00 

Individual All-Around: $195.00

Event Final: $99.00 

Optional Events: $49.00

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